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Delicious honey known for its unique flavor and aromas revealing a powerful bouquet and a pearly robe. Cold extracted, never heated and unfiltered, it contains more pollen and beeswax. Thus, it offers a pronounced natural taste.
The thyme honey is also known for its beneficial properties during cold snaps.

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The origin of this evocative name can be found when tasting this preserve, which is filled with sweetness and tenderness. A happy blend of peach and clementine juice, it is a favorite amongst children. An adorable preserve to give to friends, children, grandparents, and lovers… for breakfast or a snack full of hugs. Cordon Bleu du Meilleur Dessert at the 47th Salon de la Confiserie in Paris in 2002.

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1 Paquet Sigdal biscuits apéro 120g
1 tablette chocolat noir orange confites 80g
1 sachet Galipettes 130g
1 tablette chocolat origine Sao Tome 80g
1 sachet Coucougnettes Trio 135g
1 tablette de chocolatissime pépites de cerise 50g
1 tablette chocolatissime lait caramel 50g
1 boîte de fleur de Sel de Salies 70g
1 pot de foie gras de canard Biraben 130g
1 pot douceur d'artichaut 100g
1 ballotin de 2 Prunes de Monsieur
1 ballotin de Tétons de la Reine Margot
1 bouteille de vin blanc 75cl Bousquet
1 pot de crème de chorizo 100g
1 pot de tapenade olive verte 100g
1 pot de chutney de mangue 100g
1 pot de confiture d'orange yuzu 340g
1 pot au fructose myrtille 320g
1 pot de chutney de poivron 100g
1 pot de pâte à tartiner à la noisette 200g

Our Raspberry preserve 100% issued from fruits is only the fruit, and nothing but the fruit!
This preparation is made with exceptional raspberries and fruit juice extract that exalts the natural and original taste of fruits. Our 100% issued from fruit recipes are well-balanced and less sweet than the traditional jams. No addition of aromas, additives, coloring or preservatives: greedy in its pure state! You will appreciate them on sandwiches, with yogurt, ice cream and pastries.


"The carrot is the vegetable with 7 virtues and benefits" (skin, figure, liver, bones, sun, against certain illnesses, eyesight...) and is important when growing up, we all remember, "Eat your carrots so you can see in the dark". Combined with coconut, this surprising and subtle mix will surprise your taste buds.

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La confiture d'Orange 100% issue des fruits, c’est tout le fruit, rien que le fruit ! Cette confiture d'agrume aux saveurs acidulées est préparée avec des oranges cueillies à maturité et de l’extrait de jus de fruits exaltant le goût naturel et originel des fruits. Ni ajout d’arômes, additifs, colorants ou encore conservateurs : du gourmand à l’état pur ! Vous les apprécierez sur des tartines, avec des yaourts, glaces et pâtisseries.
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale d'Orange 100% issue de fruits disponible en pot de 210g.


Recipe: Fruits cooked in copper bowls, dried, cut into cubes on a guitar and cane sugar candied.
These cubes of fruit are a gourmet variation of the traditional French “Pates de Fruit”.
Produced with fruits rigorously selected for their flavors, they are a result of our unique know-how and the quality of the products. These delicacies with translucent colors are a pure delight to the eye and the palate. Not very sweet when cooked, our cubes are candied with cane sugar to preserve all their flavors and bring sweetness and subtlety to the good taste of acidulous fruits. They are available in several flavors: apricot, pear, peach, pineapple, apple, kiwi, black cherry, berries, strawberry, raspberry or blackcurrant.
Our commitment is based on preserving the taste of the fruit. The well balanced sugar dose plays a natural role of preservative.

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This Three Red Fruits preparation made with fructose is a combination of raspberries, strawberries, and cherries. On toast or as an accompaniment to natural yogurt, it will surely liven up your snack breaks! This gourmet recipe made with fructose is cooked staying true to the principals of being “homemade,” bringing forth the wonderful tastes of the red fruits. It can be enjoyed on either grilled or fresh bread, during breakfast, and it can also be incorporated into your favorite cake recipe!


The artichoke is the French richest vegetable in "chlorogenic acid". It is an excellent ally for staying slim, it reduces the absorption of carbohydrates. What could be more balanced than sweet artichoke on a cracker with a glass of wine.


All the pleasures of a delicious apricot jam, but with less sugar thanks to a very gentle cooking process, using just the right amount of fructose. Always dedicated to our desire to accentuate the fruit and to put it in the spotlight, Maison Francis Miot uses the best varieties of apricots that are known for their excellent quality of taste.
The fruits are simmered with fructose, prepared with an average of 75% fruit.


As an accompaniment to meat, foie gras, cheese... this artisanal relish is just perfect. The onions have been selected for their quality and are then gentle cooked to preserve the flavours.

Cette barette de pâte de fruits aux multiples parfums est pleine d'énergie. Elle sera de ce fait votre compagnon pendant vos efforts. Elle saura vous régénérer (vous booster !) avec un goût fruité prononcé et très peu de sucre.
A vos performances, prêt, partez !
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A truly light delicacy made with fructose.
The black cherry, a specialty of the Basque Country, Is incomparable to other cherries. With such a tender and delightful preparation, you will be brought to your knees, enveloped in the warmth of the Southwestern sun.
It is customary to complement this preserve with sheep’s milk cheese or a Basque cake, but it is equally appreciated on your breakfast toast.
This preserve is prepared with 75% fruit.


The chorizo has a spicy and slightly fruity taste, originating from the Iberian Peninsula. Normally associated with an aperitif, it transports us to our Spanish holidays. A real ray of sunshine!