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This recipe of fruit preserve for cheeses follow the Pyrenean tradition of associating the natural sweetness of black cherries with the strong flavors of sheep cheeses. The flavors of this fruit preparation for cheeses come in three times: first open the black cherry, then the sweetness of the black chocolate, and finally the Espelette pepper that slightly heats the taste buds but serves essentially as flavor enhancer. Successfully pairing with Reblochon, Munster cheeses where the pepper and chocolate bring a harmonious.

La noix de coco est le fruit exotique par excellence, récoltée directement sur les cocotiers ou ramassée sur le sable, sa saveur sucrée nous transporte directement sous les tropiques. Un fruit concentré de bienfaits nutritionnels dont il ne faut pas abuser. La goyave, celle que les Aztèques nommaient "prune des sables" est cultivée depuis plus de 2 000 ans. Elle est riche en minéraux, vitamine C et apporte calcium, magnésium, fer et potassium.
Nos Maitres Confituriers vous proposent un voyage gustatif avec cette préparation de fruits.

Recipe: Grilled hazelnut coated with milk chocolate, Gianduja praline coated with fine biscuit.
Our Pitchounettes are the last born of our gourmet family. In the South West, a ‘pitchounette’ means a little girl or more generally everything that is cute, small and beautiful.
It is therefore natural that we named this last-born "Pitchounette". Although she looks like her big sister "La Galipette", this confectionery stands out with its crispness, its ruffled look and its appetizing roundness.
Created by our Master Chocolate Makers, this exquisite artisan confectionery with crunchy heart accompanies all your gourmet moments, especially those of coffee or tea at the end of the meal.

Notre beurre de cacahuète suscite l'enchantement des papilles avec sa pâte onctueuse, très gourmande et légèrement craquante. Agrémenté de petits grains de cacahuètes, il apporte non seulement plaisir gourmand mais aussi d'indéniables vertus nutritionnelles.
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir ce beurre de cacahuète artisanal disponible en pot de 250g.

Take a break in the tropics with this fruit preparation recipe containing a blend of cane sugar and banana, Bourbon vanilla and Caribbean rum. A subtle blend of flavors to spread generously on toast or crepes, and for the biggest gourmands, to savor by the spoonful! For dessert or breakfast, this fruit preparation made with the finest cane sugar is a true ode to the exotic. To taste is to like!

Succombez à cette boîte folle dans laquelle ça ne toune pas rond. Composée d'un assortiment de gourmandises cubiques aux couleurs translucides parfaitement équilibrées entre notre savoir-faire unique et la qualité des produits.

Le Pamplemousse et le Litchi sont des fruits originaires d’Asie. Le litchi est un fruit exotique au goût légèrement floral et sucré, il regorge de vitamines. Le pamplemousse apporte une certaine acidité et amertume ce qui confère à notre préparation de fruits un parfait équilibre des saveurs.
Laissez-vous transporter au Pays du Soleil Levant en dégustant notre préparation aussi étonnante que gourmande.


Return to childhood with our delicious hazelnut chocolate spread! Handcrafted by our Master Chocolate Makers, our chocolate spread is made by paying particular attention to the selection of ingredients. Being concerned by the environment and the health of our customers, we have created a recipe without palm oil and without hydrogenated fats combining pleasure and well-being.


Fig, white onion and hazelnut structure this exceptional chutney with tangy taste.
It pairs with roasted duck magret, fish, white meat, foie gras and cheese.
For the fans of the traditional cuisine, associate this chutney to stuffing poultry dishes or roasted white meat to create a beautiful tasting surprise…


Delightful version of the traditional Gourmet dry stuffed sausage made with chocolate, prunes, grapes and Armagnac, coated with icing sugar.
Each component symbolizes meat, fat and skin. The attention to detail in the packaging makes this chocolate a perfect imitation of the real thing.
It generously invites himself in moments of conviviality around a glass of wine and provokes both curiosity and tasty pleasure.
A nice hint to our territory both by its Gascon flavors (prunes, grapes, Armagnac), and its design


An extraordinary blend of dates, coffee, and cardamom in this fruit preparation with cane sugar will delight your taste buds for an exotic adventure of taste! Cardamom, a favorite spice of the Middle East, has a unique aroma that perfectly harmonizes with earthy notes of coffee and the candy-like sweetness of date.


By working with the best varieties of Mango in the world, our Master Jam Makers wanted to conserve their taste and softness. The delicate association with the Espelette pepper and the star anise bring to this recipe a refined exotic touch.
Exciting with a tandoori chicken and perfumed rice, delicious on a naan bread for aperitif, the mango chutney also pairs with the poached white fish, roast chicken, and spices wonderfully the occidental dishes like duck magret and foie gras.