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Coffret de la Maison Miot PM
2 bieres Sarriat 33cl
1 pot de 100g Ketchup Béarnais
1 pot de confiture de Pêche du Béarn au sucre de canne 340g
1 sachet de Coucougnettes du Vert Galant 135g
1 pot de Gelée de Jurançon 100g
1 pot 135g Pâté du Béarn Biraben


A generous marmalade made of navel oranges harvested at full maturity in the region of Valencia, Spain. It is the most noble of oranges with a juicy interior, a fine pulp, and its natural abundance of sweetness.
Maison Francis Miot created this sweet recipe to counterbalance its Bitter Orange Marmalade from Seville. The delicious, tangy taste of orange that has been softened with cane sugar makes for the ideal preserve on your must-have morning toast.

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A preserve made of kiwi and lime juice at the base with cane sugar.
If you like citrus, you will love this kiwi preserve, made in an artisanal fashion that is first steeped in lime juice and sugar, then gently simmered. To enjoy on toasted bread or brioche, or to use as an accompaniment for a plate of cheese…
A delicious and original kiwi preserve recipe to be discovered and rediscovered by our guests !

Farce gourmande d’un saucisson élaborée à base de chocolat, pruneaux, raisins et Armagnac, enrobée de sucre glace.
Chaque composant symbolise la viande, le gras et la peau. Le soin du détail apporté à l’emballage fait de ce chocolat une parfaite imitation du véritable saucisson.
Il s’invite généreusement dans des moments de convivialité autour d’un verre de vin et provoque tant curiosité que plaisir gustatif.
Un joli clin d’œil à notre territoire tant par ses saveurs Gasconnes (pruneaux, raisins, Armagnac), que par sa forme.
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir ce chococisson artisanal.

Gold Medal at the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris in 2013 Faithful to its desire to always reveal the fruit’s natural purity, Maison Francis Miot makes every effort to use the best varieties of apricots known for their excellent quality of taste. Delicately flavored, this apricot preserve represents a great classic to simply enjoy on toast, as well as topping a cake, or even complementing some panna cotta.


The origin of this evocative name can be found when tasting this preserve, which is filled with sweetness and tenderness. A happy blend of peach and clementine juice, it is a favorite amongst children. An adorable preserve to give to friends, children, grandparents, and lovers… for breakfast or a snack full of hugs. Cordon Bleu du Meilleur Dessert at the 47th Salon de la Confiserie in Paris in 2002.


This delicious cane sugar preparation made with black cherry is a staple specialty of the Southwest. It received the Ruban Bleu de la Meilleure Confiture Intersuc in Paris. The true star of the Basque Country, this fruit preparation made in the most traditional fashion of the Maison will delight all gourmand ! It is customary to complement this preserve with sheep’s milk cheese or a Basque cake, but it is equally appreciated on your breakfast toast. Médaille d’Argent at the Concours Général Agricole in 2018


A unique recipe invented by the founder of Maison Francis Miot. A beautiful color worthy of a “setting sun,” this mix of peach, apricot juice and raspberry guarantees a burst of flavor. The fusion of these three fruits creates a flavorful and pure flavor that offers a delectable moment.


Sometimes red, sometimes black… The intoxicating fruits of the forest grow on juicy brambles, gathering all summer long. Our wild berries preserve with cane sugar proves to be a subtle blend of strawberries, raspberries, wild blueberries, and wild blackberries, while only being lightly sweetened.
To be enjoyed on bread, or to be used in tarts and desserts.


This classic flavor brings back childhood memories… Strawberry is the fruit of pleasure from nature. It provides a tangy taste and a delicious fragrance that makes it perfect for jam making. As a result, it is always the favorite around the table! Made by our master artisans who respect the traditional procedure of the Maison, this authentic strawberry jam recipe will embellish your toast and accompany your most beautiful desserts.


The fabulous red fruit of summer, raspberry, is the star of this preserve. Created with raspberries that are beautifully round and intensely red, with a powerful aroma and a mild tartness, you will succumb to its delicacy! An undergrowth plant that is ideally cultivated on plateaus between 500 and 800 meters above sea level, the raspberry owes its characteristic taste to climatic conditions, sheltered from wind, heat, and drought.
The intense taste of raspberry will undeniably be well received on toast and crepes, or even on fine pastry.


A smooth recipe with a deliciously tangy taste that is special to the rosehip bramble. These wild rose seeds are also called “Gratte-Cul,” a funny name referring to the scratchy hairs that are found on the fruit. These wild roses are commonly found at the bend of a wooded path in the hedgerows, but the berries are impossible to consume right off the bush. Maison Francis Miot carefully prepares these berries before making this preserve with sweet and tart notes.
Added Bonus: Rosehip berries are as rich in vitamin C as royal jelly!


Exclusive recipe made from wild mountain blueberries. A delightful pleasure, this fruit preparation is made by delicately simmering wild blueberries with cane sugar. The Maison commits to selecting this “oh so very, delicious berry” exclusively in the mountainous heights to preserve all its flavors. With no flavorings, colorants, preservatives or other additives, this is truly a delicacy in its purest form! Made of 61% mountain blueberries, this exceptional recipe will delight lovers of this extraordinary berry that is brimming with health benefits.


A scrumptious preserve that brings together fruits of the orchard and exotic fruits. Mango and apricot brings softness and delicacy, while peach and passion fruit bring a touch of tartness that awakens all. A wonderful combination!
The "Mystery" of the Chef lies in the splash of the liquor, Triple Orange or Curaçao Bleu, that colors this beautiful blend of yellow fruits. Extremely fragrant, this preserve goes well on a piece of toast, or as an accompaniment to natural yogurt.

Recette traditionnelle de la Maison Francis Miot mettant en relief le mariage de l'amertume de l'orange et les notes fumées du whisky qui apporte rondeur et saveur à cette belle confiture au sucre de canne d'orange.
Cette audacieuse recette d'agrume combine arômes intenses de l'orange et arômes raffiné du whisky apportant longueur en bouche à l'orange et équilibrant parfaitement le tout. L'alcool s'évapore à la cuisson mais laisse une trace gourmande à cette marmelade. Mijotée à feu doux, cette confiture aux notes acidulées dévoile une palette de saveurs incroyables !
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale disponible en pot de 340g et 45g.

History: an ancient Celtic custom, the Witches’ Fruit Preserve, which was forbidden for centuries, has been a long-kept secret. A reputable aphrodisiac and euphoria-inducing substance, this recipe has only been passed along through whispers, which is how we stumbled upon it. This delectable preserve is only prepared in autumn with seasonal fruits: rose hips and plums that Maison Francis Miot took the care in harvesting while respecting tradition.
This cane sugar fruit preparation received the Ruban Blue des Spécialité in France in 2000.

The Witch’s Preserve is a concoction wild sloes, commonly referred to as “black thorns,” rose hips or “gratte-cul,” and raspberry.


A unique blend of wild mountain blueberries, honey, and “aphrodisiacal” spices known as “Plaisir du Vert Galant,” it is an homage to King Henri IV, who was born in Pau, and nicknamed as such from the fact that he had many love conquests. Legend has it that he frequently consumed this Pyrenean fruit preparation made with wild blueberries and spices “of love” that bring energy and elation!
This cane sugar preserve won the Cordon Bleu de la Création at the 40th Salon International de la Confiserie in Paris.