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Title: Blue Ribbon – Best Chocolate of France – 49th Salon Intersuc in 2004
Recipe: Almond pralines covered in 72% cocoa dark chocolate, enveloped in dentelle crepe.
When Francis Miot created this unique chocolate confection, he was surprised to see how the chocolate praline delicately rolled in a bed of dentelle crêpe. Coming out, the finished product is a beautifully round ball, perfectly dressed in a crispy, flaky coat. Thus, the “Galipette” is born. French for “somersault,” the Galipette loves to bound in fine biscuit, coming out tousled.


Recipe: Grilled almonds covered in 70% cocoa dark chocolate, hand-rolled in the flavored almond paste.
Our iconic recipe of Coucougnettes, which greatly contributed to the success of the Maison, has two other flavors in addition to the original: an almond paste infused with mint, as well as a chocolate with Grand Marnier almond paste that envelops the chocolate covered, grilled almonds. These 3 flavors (raspberry, mint, and chocolate) unite to form the “Trio,” a gourmet and authentic mix that has become one of the Maison’s staples.

Un box pleine de gourmandises avec du nougat, des bonbons au miel, du chocolat, des confiseries et de la confitures.
Un cadeau qui ravira les becs sucrés sans aucun doute !
Une jolie boîte à offrir pour Noël mais pas que !
Composée d'une bouteille de vin, des confiseries emblématiques de la Maison, de chocolat, d'un chutney de mangue (à accompagner d'un foie gras) et d'un petit pot de confiture de Noël, elle fera plaisir gourmandes et gourmands