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Notre beurre de cacahuète suscite l'enchantement des papilles avec sa pâte onctueuse, très gourmande et légèrement craquante. Agrémenté de petits grains de cacahuètes, il apporte non seulement plaisir gourmand mais aussi d'indéniables vertus nutritionnelles.
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir ce beurre de cacahuète artisanal disponible en pot de 200g.

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Idéales au goûter, succulentes au petit-déjeuner, notre Pâte à tartiner artisanale accompagne onctueusement tartines de pain, crêpes, gaufres, desserts et autres douceurs. Élaborée de façon artisanale par nos Maîtres Artisans Chocolatiers, notre pâte à tartiner a fait l’objet d’une attention toute particulière dans la sélection des ingrédients. Soucieux de l’environnement et de la santé, nous avons créé une recette SANS HUILE DE PALME et SANS MATIÈRE GRASSE HYDROGÉNÉES alliant plaisir et santé.
Retombez en enfance en dégustant cette pâte à tartiner chocolat lait noisette ultra gourmande !
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette pâte à tartiner artisanale disponible en pot de 200g.


Title: Blue Ribbon – Best Specialty of France –51th Salon Intersuc in 2006
Recipe: White chocolate paste rolled by hand, filled with prunes and raisins, coated with dark chocolate then flavored with Armagnac.
Grafted in 1507, the plum of Damascus (Syria) becomes the plum d'ente which, dried, becomes the prune that Agen city in France has made its specialty. Their name "Plums of Monsieur" comes from the brother of Louis XIV, the Duke of Orleans, who was called "Monsieur". He was fond of prunes d'ente (plum with which we make prunes) to the point of catching indigestion. These are the plums of Monsieur: so good, they are tasted endlessly!
This confectionery with a soft and supple texture reveals the aromas of the South-West of France. It surprises and delights gourmets fond of the flavors of Gascony. This specialty of character will perfectly end a meal.


Title: Best Candy of France – 45th Salon Intersuc in 2000
Recipe: Grilled almonds covered in 70% cocoa dark chocolate, hand-rolled in a raspberry flavored almond paste, with ginger and Armagnac.
Our Coucougnettes are artisanal confections made in Pau, created by Francis Miot and SG Sender (“Monsieur Pâtissier” from Gaston Lenôtre”). A specialty of Pau, they were created to honor King Henri IV, to whom historians attribute to having 57 mistresses and 24 children. The name “Coucougnette” comes from the word “coucougne,” which signifies a caress, cuddle, embrace… in short, a “moment of love.”
The Coucougnettes are thus a gourmet and mischievous homage to the good king, Henri IV, nicknamed the “Vert Galant.”


Recipe: Grilled almonds covered in 70% cocoa dark chocolate, hand-rolled in the flavored almond paste.
Our iconic recipe of Coucougnettes, which greatly contributed to the success of the Maison, has two other flavors in addition to the original: an almond paste infused with mint, as well as a chocolate with Grand Marnier almond paste that envelops the chocolate covered, grilled almonds. These 3 flavors (raspberry, mint, and chocolate) unite to form the “Trio,” a gourmet and authentic mix that has become one of the Maison’s staples.


Title: Blue Ribbon – 46th Salon Intersuc in 2001. Homemade recipe, worked during the competition of Jean-Pierre Richard, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier 1990.
Recipe: Milk chocolate interior, almond praline, thin biscuit, orange zest, covered in white chocolate. This irresistible chocolate was created as an homage to Marguerite de Valois, more commonly known as Queen Margot, the first wife to the good king, Henri IV.
A woman of immense beauty who was passionate about love, the Queen of France and Navarre seduced quite a few lovers. Legend has it that “Margot” wore plunging necklines that were enticing and provocative, leaving little to imagination… Jean-Pierre Richard, the Meilleur Ouvrier de France for chocolate in 1990, reworked this recipe and perfected its textures and aromas: the crunchiness of the white chocolate, the crispiness of the dentelle crepe, the creaminess of the milk chocolate and praline, and finally the zest of the orange all come together in a recipe that is delicate and generous… Like the bosoms of Queen Margot!

Meilleure spécialité de France Salon Intersuc Paris 1995.
Mélange de fruits acidulés (myrtilles, framboises sauvages, mûre et miel) conditionné dans un adorable pot en forme d'ourson. En conditionnant cette confiture ultra gourmande, Francis Miot a voulu rendre hommage au petit ourson trouvé abandonné dans les Pyrénées et baptisé "Jojo" (symbole de l'emblème de la Vallée Verte).
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale Délice des Oursons au sucre de canne, disponible en pot de 330g.
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Gold Medal at the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris in 2013 Faithful to its desire to always reveal the fruit’s natural purity, Maison Francis Miot makes every effort to use the best varieties of apricots known for their excellent quality of taste. Delicately flavored, this apricot preserve represents a great classic to simply enjoy on toast, as well as topping a cake, or even complementing some panna cotta.

Coffret de la Maison Miot GM
1 sachet de Prune de Monsieur 130g
1 sachet de Tétons 135g
1 sachet biscuits Croix Basque 170g
1 pot de miel d'acacia 250g
1 pot de Fraise griotte coquelicot 100g
1 pot de banane rhum 100g
1 tablette de chocolat noi yuzu 80g
1 pot de chocolat noir à la violette 80g
1 paquet de biscuits 100g Mordicus
1 tablette chocolat noir 70% 50g
1 tablette chocolat noir pépites de cerise 50g
1 pot de chutney figue 100g
1 pot de gelée de Jurançon 100g
1 chococisson 130g
1 pot Ketchup Béarnais 100g
1 pot de carotte coco 100g
1 pot de gelée de champagne aux paillettes d'or 100g
1 bouteille de vin 75 cl Rosé la Dune
1 barette cubes de fruits 90g
1 pot de confiture bisous 340g
1 pot de confiture du Vert Galant 340g
1 pot de pâté recette Basque Biraben 180g
1 pot de Terrine du Landais Biraben 180g

This classic flavor brings back childhood memories… Strawberry is the fruit of pleasure from nature. It provides a tangy taste and a delicious fragrance that makes it perfect for jam making. As a result, it is always the favorite around the table! Made by our master artisans who respect the traditional procedure of the Maison, this authentic strawberry jam recipe will embellish your toast and accompany your most beautiful desserts.


A preserve made of kiwi and lime juice at the base with cane sugar.
If you like citrus, you will love this kiwi preserve, made in an artisanal fashion that is first steeped in lime juice and sugar, then gently simmered. To enjoy on toasted bread or brioche, or to use as an accompaniment for a plate of cheese…
A delicious and original kiwi preserve recipe to be discovered and rediscovered by our guests !


A generous marmalade made of navel oranges harvested at full maturity in the region of Valencia, Spain. It is the most noble of oranges with a juicy interior, a fine pulp, and its natural abundance of sweetness.
Maison Francis Miot created this sweet recipe to counterbalance its Bitter Orange Marmalade from Seville. The delicious, tangy taste of orange that has been softened with cane sugar makes for the ideal preserve on your must-have morning toast.