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Title: Best Candy of France – 45th Salon Intersuc in 2000
Recipe: Grilled almonds covered in 70% cocoa dark chocolate, hand-rolled in a raspberry flavored almond paste, with ginger and Armagnac.
Our Coucougnettes are artisanal confections made in Pau, created by Francis Miot and SG Sender (“Monsieur Pâtissier” from Gaston Lenôtre”). A specialty of Pau, they were created to honor King Henri IV, to whom historians attribute to having 57 mistresses and 24 children. The name “Coucougnette” comes from the word “coucougne,” which signifies a caress, cuddle, embrace… in short, a “moment of love.”
The Coucougnettes are thus a gourmet and mischievous homage to the good king, Henri IV, nicknamed the “Vert Galant.”

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Coffret Maison Miot PM
2 Bierre Belhara 33cl
1 sachet biscuits Croix Basque 170g
1 tablette chocolat noir piment d'Espelette 80g
1 pot de 340g Cerise noire
1 pot de moutarde au piment d'Espelette 55g
1 pot de pâté recette Basque Biraben 180g
1 pot de gelée au piment d'Espelette 100g
1 pot de Cerise chocolat piment 100g
1 Pot de Sel de Salies au piment d'Espelette