The master chocolatiers of Maison Francis Miot
Trained in the purest tradition of the Master Chocolatiers of France, our two Chefs supervise a team of enthusiasts who realize a thousand chocolate wonders.
Chocolates grands crus and search for the best blends punctuate their daily life. All our chocolates are 100% pure cocoa butter, a prerequisite for Master Craftsmen-Chocolatiers.

Our solidarity commitment in Chocolate
Grands crus from Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and São Tomé represent the main origins of our production.
Solicited in 2007 by the Consul of São Tomé e Príncipe (called the Chocolate Island, located in the Gulf of Guinea), we invested with 6 French Master Chocolatiers in decanting bins and dryers to revive fields of cocoa trees. After the departure of Portuguese settlers in 1975 and the redistribution of land, production had fallen from 45,000 tonnes a year to 4,500 tonnes.
The Maison Francis Miot therefore participated in the restoration of 150 hectares of cocoa trees by setting up a form of solidarity trade (aid to a disadvantaged population thus aiming to reduce inequities within the country itself).

The thoroughness of work
The rigour and tailor-made accompanies our passion for chocolate.
Thus, many of our creations are made one by one, by hand, with a pastry bag... according to their own specificities. Because we do not compromise with the quality of Haute Gourmandise Française!

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