Founded in 1985, the Maison Francis Miot embodies for more than 30 years a long tradition of excellence and craftsmanship.
Best Jam Maker of France and Triple World Champion of jams (classified out of competition since), Francis Miot considered “that a good jam is above all good fruit!”. Only the best varieties are selected for their gustatory qualities. The fruits are picked at maturity to reveal all their aromas.
The Maison Francis Miot highlights the know-how and passion of taste. The manufacturing processes of our artisan jams, whose quality has been rewarded with numerous awards, remain unchanged for many years: The short and controlled cooking in small copper cauldrons allows to fully preserve the flavor of the fruits rigorously chosen for their exceptional taste and thus reduce the sugar content. Our jams are thus called “fruit preparations” because they are below the brix rate of 55 imposed by the regulation of jams (claim to be called jam). 

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The origin of this evocative name can be found when tasting this preserve, which is filled with sweetness and tenderness. A happy blend of peach and clementine juice, it is a favorite amongst children. An adorable preserve to give to friends, children, grandparents, and lovers… for breakfast or a snack full of hugs. Cordon Bleu du Meilleur Dessert at the 47th Salon de la Confiserie in Paris in 2002.


Lovers of tartness, this preserve made of cassis, also called the Devil’s fruit, proves to be a true explosion in the mouth! Its flavor is easily recognizable with such a generous texture, that spreading it on morning toast recalls the mouthwatering and authentic recipes of Grandma’s jams.

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This delicious cane sugar preparation made with black cherry is a staple specialty of the Southwest. It received the Ruban Bleu de la Meilleure Confiture Intersuc in Paris. The true star of the Basque Country, this fruit preparation made in the most traditional fashion of the Maison will delight all gourmand ! It is customary to complement this preserve with sheep’s milk cheese or a Basque cake, but it is equally appreciated on your breakfast toast. Médaille d’Argent at the Concours Général Agricole in 2018

Gourmandise fraiche avec cette confiture de cerise noire bio. La cerise noire, cet emblématique fruit rouge s'apparentant à maturité à un fruit noir est une authentique spécialité du pays basque. Sa douceur et ses saveurs vous feront immédiatement chavirer sous le soleil du sud-ouest. La Maison s'engage à sélectionner les meilleures cerises issues d’agriculture biologique.
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale de Cerise Noire Bio disponible en pot de 340g.

Sun-kissed lemons for delectable and traditional fruit preparations from Maison Francis Miot. This delicious recipe captures the perfect balance between the bright, citrus bursts of lemon and the sweet delicacy of cane sugar. You can spread it over your toast or rusk, as well as incorporate it into your salty dishes, such as a condiment or chutney, to bring a sweet and salty touch.

Amoureux des agrumes, savourez l'irrésistible douceur de cette confiture de Menton ! Nous l'aimons pour son côté acidulé et riche en goût. Préparée selon les méthodes traditionnelles de la Maison cette confiture met en relief le célèbre Citron de Menton réputé pour la douceur de son gout, ses arômes plus intenses et son acidité modérée inimitable (IGP depuis 2015) Retrouvez la chair juteuse des citrons de Menton réunis dans cette confiture équilibrée qui accompagnera tous vos desserts gourmands : crêpes, gaufres, brioche, gâteaux et qui se révèlera un délice sur du bon pain frais comme à la petite cuillère.
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale Citron du Pays Mentonnais au sucre de canne disponible en pot de 340g.
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Toute la fraîcheur acidulée de la clémentine en provenance de l’île de beauté dans une douce préparation de fruits.
Élaborée uniquement à partir de clémentine Corse soigneusement sélectionnées et gorgées de soleil, l’île de beauté nous offre le privilège de mettre en lumière son agrume favori qui ravira vos papilles. Un moment de pur délice qui en fera une pause gourmande exquise.
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale Clémentine des Corsaires au sucre de canne, disponible en pot de 340g.

Cette gourmande préparation de mélange de fruits répondant au doux nom de "Cœur d'Amour" fera fondre tous les amoureux de confiture.
Cette recette est un équilibre parfait entre la douceur des fruits du verger (pêche et abricot), l'acidité des fruits exotiques (mangue, fruits de la passion) et les saveurs raffinées du Champagne. Un alliage hautement savoureux pour un moment des plus gourmands !
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale Cœur d'Amour au sucre de canne, disponible en pot de 340g et 45g.

Le coing, fruit jaune du cognassier a la forme rebondie, à la couleur d’un jaune intense et à la peau légèrement duveteuse, charme par son parfum puissant. Il ne se laisse déguster que cuit, abandonnant alors sa dureté et son astringence pour livrer sa saveur délicate.
C'est en combinant savoir-faire et procédés traditionnels de cuisson que cette douce préparation de coing se révèle des plus raffinées.
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale Coing au sucre de canne, disponible en pot de 340g.

A Little History: In the year 800, a certain Joan of Borgia disguised herself as a priest to follow her lover, the Cardinal. A few years later, under her guise, she was elected Pope before giving birth to a baby girl in the streets of Rome. In 1305, during the election of Clément V, the “College of Cardinals,” made him sit on a seatless throne to verify his “qualifications” in order to avoid repeating the same mistake. A Cardinal was in charge of attesting the new Pope’s attributes, declaiming in Latin in front of the Council, “He has a wonderful pair and they dangle like our figs!” And thus, the botanists named these plum-like figs “The Pope’s Balls. A true local product, this preparation is made with figs that were rigorously selected and picked when fully ripe, endowing it with a remarkable flavor. A little bonus : a hint of rum is infused, intensifying the fruity and floral flavor of the fig.


An original recipe that was created out of impulse by our founder and has since been produced by our team, it blends culture and delectability to offer a perfect balance of fruits: a unique combination of peach and apricot to provide a unique tenderness. The mischievous name of this fruit preparation references the delicate skin of a peach and the contours of an apricot that resembles an “angel’s bottom.”


The flavors of the southwest of France in one preserve!
This recipe was created out of impulse by our founder and has since been produced by our team. The Cure Fruit Preserve is a blend of plums and prunes that have been “religiously” watered with Armagnac. It is a delicious preserves recipe typical of Southwest France and is rich in vitamins A, B, and C. This preserve, made with 60% fruits, is simmered with cane sugar.


A recipe that inspires travel from the tropics to the orchards: apricot, mango, passionfruit, and pineapple. The “cream of the crop” of exotic, yellow fruits! A fruity taste that is masterfully layered so that each fruit is easily distinguishable. Very flavorful, it is great to enjoy on toast for breakfast or as part of an indulgent dessert.


A unique recipe invented by the founder of Maison Francis Miot. A beautiful color worthy of a “setting sun,” this mix of peach, apricot juice and raspberry guarantees a burst of flavor. The fusion of these three fruits creates a flavorful and pure flavor that offers a delectable moment.


Sometimes red, sometimes black… The intoxicating fruits of the forest grow on juicy brambles, gathering all summer long. Our wild berries preserve with cane sugar proves to be a subtle blend of strawberries, raspberries, wild blueberries, and wild blackberries, while only being lightly sweetened.
To be enjoyed on bread, or to be used in tarts and desserts.


A jar full of sunshine! This fig preserve will accompany all your breakfasts… The fig is a symbolic fruit of Provence that is enjoyed all year long. Its origin, its sweet taste, and its texture from small seeds make it an irresistible fruit that is perfect for jams. The Maison offers hand-crafted preserves with sun-drenched figs that will work wonders on your morning toast!

Recette à base de figues violettes, fabuleux fruits noirs aux notes ultra gourmandes.La Maison s'engage à sélectionner les meilleures figues issues d’agriculture biologique.
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale de Figue Bio disponible en pot de 340g.