Founded in 1985, the Maison Francis Miot embodies for more than 30 years a long tradition of excellence and craftsmanship.
Best Jam Maker of France and Triple World Champion of jams (classified out of competition since), Francis Miot considered “that a good jam is above all good fruit!”. Only the best varieties are selected for their gustatory qualities. The fruits are picked at maturity to reveal all their aromas.
The Maison Francis Miot highlights the know-how and passion of taste. The manufacturing processes of our artisan jams, whose quality has been rewarded with numerous awards, remain unchanged for many years: The short and controlled cooking in small copper cauldrons allows to fully preserve the flavor of the fruits rigorously chosen for their exceptional taste and thus reduce the sugar content. Our jams are thus called “fruit preparations” because they are below the brix rate of 55 imposed by the regulation of jams (claim to be called jam). 

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A divine fruit preserve combining the sweetness of coconut and the tangy taste of passion fruit! Lovers of exoticism, this creation will seduce you for sure! An exquisite pairing of flavors to spread on bread or pancakes, and for the most gourmet of you, to enjoy with a spoon! For dessert or at breakfast, this preparation of fruits with exceptional cane sugar is a real invitation in the tropics. Enjoy and ... travel!/p>


A must-try and tasty preserve, a specialty form the South-West of France, the black cherry is the perfect answer to your gourmet desires. Our Maison is committed to selecting the best organic cherries.

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An original recipe that was created out of impulse by our founder and has since been produced by our team, it blends culture and delectability to offer a perfect balance of fruits: a unique combination of peach and apricot to provide a unique tenderness. The mischievous name of this fruit preparation references the delicate skin of a peach and the contours of an apricot that resembles an “angel’s bottom.”


Each year in spring, the strawberries are back for our greatest pleasure! They thrill our taste buds… and become the happiness of little and grown-up gourmands.
This preserve is prepared with the best organic carefully selected strawberries.

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A preserve made of kiwis from Landes at the base with cane sugar.
30 years ago, in Landes – or, to be more exact, in the outskirts of Adour, some producers believed in the development of a French kiwi, and they were right to do so… Cultivated at the foot of the Pyrénées by 350 growers, the kiwi of Adour is the only kiwi to benefit from the official certification, Label Rouge. It holds its exceptional quality from the region of Landes: a land that is naturally rich with a mild, oceanic climate.
If you like citrus, you will love this homemade kiwi preserve that is first steeped in lime juice and sugar, then gently simmered. To enjoy on toast or brioche, or to use as an accompaniment for a plate of cheese…A delicious kiwi preserve recipe that emphasizes how the acidity of this fruit perfectly balances with sugar.

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Savourez dans cette confiture l'accord unique du melon et du Floc de Gascogne !
Traditionnellement servi à l'apéritif, le Floc de Gascogne se révèle être une merveille au cœur d'un melon. Ce judicieux mariage de saveurs couplé au savoir-faire de nos Maitres artisans confiturier a donné naissance à cette confiture de Melon Floc de Gascogne !
Découvrez cette fraîche recette aux accents de soleil qui agrémentera vos tartines de pain frais comme vos fromages blancs !
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale Melon Floc de Gascogne au sucre de canne, disponible en pot de 340g.

Invite the summer to your breakfast with this surprising watermelon and lemon recipe, cooked in a bowl with all the expertise of our master jam makers. The tasty notes of watermelon, enhanced by the citrus touch of lemon, wonderfully combine pleasure with elegance, and offer a preserve with flavors that capture the sun.


Médaille d'Argent 2015
Découvrez notre confiture de prunes, fruit noir de nos vergers qui ravit les papilles des plus gourmands à travers cette recette authentique, fraiche et gourmande, élaborée avec du sucre de canne. Cette confiture artisanale est cuisinée avec de belles prunes Quetsches, ou "prunes de Damas" à partir desquelles sont faits les "pruneaux", une variété délicieusement gourmande. Vraiment exquise, elle fera des merveilles sur vos tartines, dans vos desserts, crêpes ou gâteau roulé…
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale Prune au sucre de canne, disponible en pot de 340g.


Le Pamplemousse et le Litchi sont des fruits originaires d’Asie. Le litchi est un fruit exotique au goût légèrement floral et sucré, il regorge de vitamines. Le pamplemousse apporte une certaine acidité et amertume ce qui confère à notre préparation de fruits un parfait équilibre des saveurs.
Laissez-vous transporter au Pays du Soleil Levant en dégustant notre préparation aussi étonnante que gourmande.