Founded in 1985, the Maison Francis Miot embodies for more than 30 years a long tradition of excellence and craftsmanship.
Best Jam Maker of France and Triple World Champion of jams (classified out of competition since), Francis Miot considered “that a good jam is above all good fruit!”. Only the best varieties are selected for their gustatory qualities. The fruits are picked at maturity to reveal all their aromas.
The Maison Francis Miot highlights the know-how and passion of taste. The manufacturing processes of our artisan jams, whose quality has been rewarded with numerous awards, remain unchanged for many years: The short and controlled cooking in small copper cauldrons allows to fully preserve the flavor of the fruits rigorously chosen for their exceptional taste and thus reduce the sugar content. Our jams are thus called “fruit preparations” because they are below the brix rate of 55 imposed by the regulation of jams (claim to be called jam). 

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Take a break in the tropics with this fruit preparation recipe containing a blend of cane sugar and banana, Bourbon vanilla and Caribbean rum. A subtle blend of flavors to spread generously on toast or crepes, and for the biggest gourmands, to savor by the spoonful! For dessert or breakfast, this fruit preparation made with the finest cane sugar is a true ode to the exotic. To taste is to like!


A Little History: In the year 800, a certain Joan of Borgia disguised herself as a priest to follow her lover, the Cardinal. A few years later, under her guise, she was elected Pope before giving birth to a baby girl in the streets of Rome. In 1305, during the election of Clément V, the “College of Cardinals,” made him sit on a seatless throne to verify his “qualifications” in order to avoid repeating the same mistake. A Cardinal was in charge of attesting the new Pope’s attributes, declaiming in Latin in front of the Council, “He has a wonderful pair and they dangle like our figs!” And thus, the botanists named these plum-like figs “The Pope’s Balls. A true local product, this preparation is made with figs that were rigorously selected and picked when fully ripe, endowing it with a remarkable flavor. A little bonus : a hint of rum is infused, intensifying the fruity and floral flavor of the fig.


The flavors of the southwest of France in one preserve!
This recipe was created out of impulse by our founder and has since been produced by our team. The Cure Fruit Preserve is a blend of plums and prunes that have been “religiously” watered with Armagnac. It is a delicious preserves recipe typical of Southwest France and is rich in vitamins A, B, and C. This preserve, made with 60% fruits, is simmered with cane sugar.


A jar full of sunshine! This fig preserve will accompany all your breakfasts… The fig is a symbolic fruit of Provence that is enjoyed all year long. Its origin, its sweet taste, and its texture from small seeds make it an irresistible fruit that is perfect for jams. The Maison offers hand-crafted preserves with sun-drenched figs that will work wonders on your morning toast!


You will love it as soon as you taste it! This fruity recipe where the taste of strawberry is subtly brought out by the aromas of Bourbon vanilla will delight children and adults alike!
The sweetness of strawberry is blended with the smooth notes of vanilla, that will create a burst of excitement on your taste buds! A delight for the palate that you can enjoy on your slices of toast or as a complement to your favorite dessert!


An exotic blend that will instantly transport the breakfast table to the tropics. Maison Francis Miot offers a modern recipe that is brought out by our unique expertise. A preserve where freshness meets exoticism in an authentic union between mango and the lightly sweetened, subtle flavors of smooth papaya.
Generous with its pieces, it will satisfy lovers of exotic fruits.

Escapade exotique en Inde avec cette préparation gourmande de mangue subtilement associée à la douceur de la vanille Bourbon.
Travaillée avec l'une des meilleures variétés de mangue au Monde (mangue Alphonso) nos Maîtres Confituriers s'attèlent à exprimer dans cette recette toute l'appétence de ce fruit. Associée à l'exotisme de la vanille Bourbon, cette douce préparation de fruits exotiques se révèle des plus délicates.
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale Mangue Vanille au sucre de canne, disponible en pot de 340g.

A unique mix of figs, raisin, dried apricots, candied oranges, crushed almonds, and a splash of rum. In the Provençal tradition, the Mendiants, or beggars, received fresh or dried fruit as nourishment and mulled wine to warm up. We blended the principal fruits of Provence and added a touch of rum to “warm up” our hungry spirits and created this delectable preparation in the evocative name of “Beggar’s Delight.”


Mirabelle plums, small, yellow plums with a refined taste common to Lorraine, are simmered with cane sugar. Maison Francis Miot reveals its expertise and creativity in making jams. This recipe, consisting of Mirabelle plums, is crafted with fruits that were rigorously chosen and gathered at maturity to completely reveal its aromas. This preserve is to be enjoyed at breakfast on either fresh bread or toast.


For a moment of self-indulgence to start the day, nothing beats a beautiful and tasty, homemade jam.
Discover the Wild Blackberry Fruit Preserve from the Best Jam Maker in France! The satisfying texture, delicate and generous, traditionally cooked in a copper bowl, reveals a taste that is as refined as this little, wild berry.
This cane sugar preserve made from wild blackberries, harvested from bramble bushes, is a true delight that will please the palate of any epicurean!


A unique mix of figs, dried apricots, raisins, candied oranges, crushed almonds, and a splash of rum, this preserve brings together the main ingredients of the 13 desserts of Christmas in Provence.
It is makes a wonderfully delicate accompaniment with your foie gras, either half-cooked or preserved.


A sweet fruit preserve with gourmet and extremely sunny flavors! Its light gray fluffy skin and its purplish-red flesh, which clearly differentiates it from classic peaches, distinguish this peach, also known as «Blood Peach». It is at its harvest period (which extends until the end of September) that our Maison selects the most beautiful peaches to produce, according to our traditional process of cooking, this tasty fruit preserve. Enjoy it on fresh bread, rusks or brioche during your breakfast or to accompany your duck magret during your holiday meals!


Pear that has been cooked like a dessert for an out-of-this-world delight that will be a unanimous favorite.
The delicate hint of vanilla and the richness of caramel is used to refine this pear preserve.
Delicious on a piece of toast or warm bread, as well as in yogurt or as a base for pear tart!
Originally created for the Council of the Head of State at the request of Élysée, this gourmet pear and caramel preserve made with cane sugar will delight the taste buds of children and adults alike!


This cane sugar preserve combines sweetness and elegance thanks to its mixture between sweet, golden apple and citrusy lime. Cooked in a bowl with short cooking times that allows us to fully capture their flavors, this preserve reveals the full aromas of apple combined with the intoxicating smoothness of vanilla.


A unique blend of wild mountain blueberries, honey, and “aphrodisiacal” spices known as “Plaisir du Vert Galant,” it is an homage to King Henri IV, who was born in Pau, and nicknamed as such from the fact that he had many love conquests. Legend has it that he frequently consumed this Pyrenean fruit preparation made with wild blueberries and spices “of love” that bring energy and elation!
This cane sugar preserve won the Cordon Bleu de la Création at the 40th Salon International de la Confiserie in Paris.


La noix de coco est le fruit exotique par excellence, récoltée directement sur les cocotiers ou ramassée sur le sable, sa saveur sucrée nous transporte directement sous les tropiques. Un fruit concentré de bienfaits nutritionnels dont il ne faut pas abuser. La goyave, celle que les Aztèques nommaient "prune des sables" est cultivée depuis plus de 2 000 ans. Elle est riche en minéraux, vitamine C et apporte calcium, magnésium, fer et potassium.
Nos Maitres Confituriers vous proposent un voyage gustatif avec cette préparation de fruits.