Founded in 1985, the Maison Francis Miot embodies for more than 30 years a long tradition of excellence and craftsmanship.
Best Jam Maker of France and Triple World Champion of jams (classified out of competition since), Francis Miot considered “that a good jam is above all good fruit!”. Only the best varieties are selected for their gustatory qualities. The fruits are picked at maturity to reveal all their aromas.
The Maison Francis Miot highlights the know-how and passion of taste. The manufacturing processes of our artisan jams, whose quality has been rewarded with numerous awards, remain unchanged for many years: The short and controlled cooking in small copper cauldrons allows to fully preserve the flavor of the fruits rigorously chosen for their exceptional taste and thus reduce the sugar content. Our jams are thus called “fruit preparations” because they are below the brix rate of 55 imposed by the regulation of jams (claim to be called jam). 

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The latest of our "Les Fleuries" collection, this cane sugar preserve brings freshness and delicacy. Very feminine, this peach recipe stands out with its subtle notes of rose at the end. These authentic tastes and flavors that are brought out by slowly cooking our ingredients, as is tradition. Experience this irresistible, fruity creation!


A specialty 100% issued from fruits with apricot, less sweet but exceptionally gourmet! The apricot preserve 100% issued from fruits, it's all the fruit, and nothing but the fruit! This preparation is made with exceptional apricots and fruit juice extract that exalts the natural and original taste of fruits. Our 100% issued from fruit recipes are well-balanced and less sweet than the traditional jams. No addition of aromas, additives, coloring or preservatives: greedy in its pure state! You will appreciate them on sandwiches, with yogurt, ice cream and pastries.

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All the pleasures of a delicious apricot jam, but with less sugar thanks to a very gentle cooking process, using just the right amount of fructose. Always dedicated to our desire to accentuate the fruit and to put it in the spotlight, Maison Francis Miot uses the best varieties of apricots that are known for their excellent quality of taste.
The fruits are simmered with fructose, prepared with an average of 75% fruit.


Naturally generous and gourmet with its pieces of fruits that melt in your mouth, it recalls the flavors of summer. This peach preserve, which is light in sugar, highlights the sun kissed fruits that come from the orchards of the South of France. The Maison uses the best varieties of peaches from local producers that are chosen for their quality of taste.
Delectable and light, it makes for a delicious spread on a piece of toast, as well as a complement for dessert or yogurt.


To all the pear lovers, rediscover the freshness and melt-in-your-mouth goodness of this fruit through our preserve made with fructose. A pear recipe that is acidic yet sweet, with vanilla for an added touch of delight, and a bit of lemon zest to bring out the natural, fruity flavor. A little indulgence to enjoy by the teaspoonful that also happens to be a culinary delight with yogurt or white cheese.
Maison Francis Miot is committed to producing tasty jams made with the finest ingredients. With our pear recipe that is light in sugar that remains irresistible, you can find all the expertise of our master jam makers within a single jar. With no flavorings, colorants, preservatives or other additives, this is truly a delicacy in its purest form!


Gold Medal at the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris in 2013 Faithful to its desire to always reveal the fruit’s natural purity, Maison Francis Miot makes every effort to use the best varieties of apricots known for their excellent quality of taste. Delicately flavored, this apricot preserve represents a great classic to simply enjoy on toast, as well as topping a cake, or even complementing some panna cotta.


All the taste of a delicious Apricot Preserve issued from organic farming. Exclusively the best varieties of apricots recognized for their excellent taste qualities give life to a certified organic preserve, generous and rich in pieces of melting fruit.
The recipes of this collection are produced in the same way as our other ranges. The short and controlled process of cooking done in small copper cauldrons by our Master Jam Makers give to these organic fruit preparations appetence and refinement.


Transport yourself to the heart of Provence with this fruit preparation of Red Apricot from Roussillon, known for its mouthwatering deliciousness. This sun-kissed apricot reveals an incomparable taste and sweetness with a hint of tartness. This recipe, crafted while respecting the traditional expertise of the Maison, can be enjoyed on both fresh and toasted bread during breakfast, as well as incorporated into your favorite cake recipe.

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Le coing, fruit jaune du cognassier a la forme rebondie, à la couleur d’un jaune intense et à la peau légèrement duveteuse, charme par son parfum puissant. Il ne se laisse déguster que cuit, abandonnant alors sa dureté et son astringence pour livrer sa saveur délicate.
C'est en combinant savoir-faire et procédés traditionnels de cuisson que cette douce préparation de coing se révèle des plus raffinées.
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale Coing au sucre de canne, disponible en pot de 340g.

Enjoy this unique blend of melon and Floc de Gascogne! Traditionally served as an aperitif, Floc de Gascogne pairs wonderfully with the melon. This judicious marriage of flavors coupled with the know-how of our Master Jam Makers led to our Melon Floc de Gascogne fruit preserve! Discover this recipe full of sunny accents that will enhance your toasts of fresh bread as well as your dessert of cottage cheeses!


Mirabelle plums, small, yellow plums with a refined taste common to Lorraine, are simmered with cane sugar. Maison Francis Miot reveals its expertise and creativity in making jams. This recipe, consisting of Mirabelle plums, is crafted with fruits that were rigorously chosen and gathered at maturity to completely reveal its aromas. This preserve is to be enjoyed at breakfast on either fresh bread or toast.


Invite the summer to your breakfast with this surprising watermelon and lemon recipe, cooked in a bowl with all the expertise of our master jam makers. The tasty notes of watermelon, enhanced by the citrus touch of lemon, wonderfully combine pleasure with elegance, and offer a preserve with flavors that capture the sun.


Naturally generous and gourmet with its pieces of fruits that melt in your mouth, it recalls the flavors of childhood. This peach preserve highlights the sun kissed fruits that come from the orchards of South of France. The Maison uses the best variety of peach that are chosen for their quality of taste.


A sweet fruit preserve with gourmet and extremely sunny flavors! Its light gray fluffy skin and its purplish-red flesh, which clearly differentiates it from classic peaches, distinguish this peach, also known as «Blood Peach». It is at its harvest period (which extends until the end of September) that our Maison selects the most beautiful peaches to produce, according to our traditional process of cooking, this tasty fruit preserve. Enjoy it on fresh bread, rusks or brioche during your breakfast or to accompany your duck magret during your holiday meals!


Pear that has been cooked like a dessert for an out-of-this-world delight that will be a unanimous favorite.
The delicate hint of vanilla and the richness of caramel is used to refine this pear preserve.
Delicious on a piece of toast or warm bread, as well as in yogurt or as a base for pear tart!
Originally created for the Council of the Head of State at the request of Élysée, this gourmet pear and caramel preserve made with cane sugar will delight the taste buds of children and adults alike!


This cane sugar preserve combines sweetness and elegance thanks to its mixture between sweet, golden apple and citrusy lime. Cooked in a bowl with short cooking times that allows us to fully capture their flavors, this preserve reveals the full aromas of apple combined with the intoxicating smoothness of vanilla.


For lovers of rhubarb or for those who wish to discover how it tastes, this preserve remarkably captures its flavors. Prepared in a handcrafted fashion, this preserve retains all the tartness of this specific plant. Either on fresh bread or in yogurt, it is sure to delight your taste buds!
The rhubarb preserve can be enjoyed at breakfast or at snack time, and is great for enhancing your desserts, thanks to its subtle tartness.