Founded in 1985, the Maison Francis Miot embodies for more than 30 years a long tradition of excellence and craftsmanship.
Best Jam Maker of France and Triple World Champion of jams (classified out of competition since), Francis Miot considered “that a good jam is above all good fruit!”. Only the best varieties are selected for their gustatory qualities. The fruits are picked at maturity to reveal all their aromas.
The Maison Francis Miot highlights the know-how and passion of taste. The manufacturing processes of our artisan jams, whose quality has been rewarded with numerous awards, remain unchanged for many years: The short and controlled cooking in small copper cauldrons allows to fully preserve the flavor of the fruits rigorously chosen for their exceptional taste and thus reduce the sugar content. Our jams are thus called “fruit preparations” because they are below the brix rate of 55 imposed by the regulation of jams (claim to be called jam). 

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Green tomatoes delicately harvested before maturity and gently simmered in small copper cauldrons to fully preserve the flavor of this fruit rigorously selected for its exceptional taste.
You will find in this fruit preserve all the flavors of green tomato enhanced by a touch of acidity brought by the lemon. You may pair it with salty or sweet dishes or as an aperitif on toast, as an accompaniment to white meats, or as toast for an original breakfast.


A unique blend of wild mountain blueberries, honey, and “aphrodisiacal” spices known as “Plaisir du Vert Galant,” it is an homage to King Henri IV, who was born in Pau, and nicknamed as such from the fact that he had many love conquests. Legend has it that he frequently consumed this Pyrenean fruit preparation made with wild blueberries and spices “of love” that bring energy and elation!
This cane sugar preserve won the Cordon Bleu de la Création at the 40th Salon International de la Confiserie in Paris.


With a magic wand, the undergrowth sparkles, when the fruits put their colors in majesty (red-black, purple-raspberry).
Magic works and we succumb to temptation, we savour them, we taste them. The Wood Fairy was designed for all people who could not live these times.
This subtle mix of blackcurrants, gooseberries, blueberries, blackberries, wild strawberries, raspberries will undoubtedly awaken your most gourmet taste buds and transport you to your most «nature» memories.


Le Pamplemousse et le Litchi sont des fruits originaires d’Asie. Le litchi est un fruit exotique au goût légèrement floral et sucré, il regorge de vitamines. Le pamplemousse apporte une certaine acidité et amertume ce qui confère à notre préparation de fruits un parfait équilibre des saveurs.
Laissez-vous transporter au Pays du Soleil Levant en dégustant notre préparation aussi étonnante que gourmande.

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La grenade est un fruit qui ne ressemble à aucun autre, elle est considérée comme un précieux allié santé. En effet, ce fruit étonnant originaire d’Asie est mondialement reconnu pour sa teneur exceptionnelle en antioxydants ainsi que pour ses multiples vertus santé (vitamine B5, B6, C, puissants antioxydants…). De même, le cassis fait partie des « super-fruits » en raison de sa teneur record en antioxydants, un véritable allié santé.
Notre préparation de fruits "La Vertueuse" porte donc bien son nom.
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La bergamote est un agrume principalement cultivé en Italie où on le nomme “l’or de la Calabre”. On lui confèrerait de nombreuses vertus (source de vitamine C, pouvoir antioxydant, anti stress, purifie la peau, atténue la fatigue, lutte contre l’anxiété…). Les producteurs de Bergamote considèrent ce fruit comme étant le "fruit du paradis", tant pour ses bienfaits que pour ce qu’il apporte à l’économie locale.
Fruit du goyavier, la goyave est originaire d'Amérique centrale. Elle est riche en minéraux, vitamine C et apporte calcium, magnésium, fer et potassium.
Découvrez notre préparation de fruits originale et gourmande aux saveurs exotiques.


La noix de coco est le fruit exotique par excellence, récoltée directement sur les cocotiers ou ramassée sur le sable, sa saveur sucrée nous transporte directement sous les tropiques. Un fruit concentré de bienfaits nutritionnels dont il ne faut pas abuser. La goyave, celle que les Aztèques nommaient "prune des sables" est cultivée depuis plus de 2 000 ans. Elle est riche en minéraux, vitamine C et apporte calcium, magnésium, fer et potassium.
Nos Maitres Confituriers vous proposent un voyage gustatif avec cette préparation de fruits.


This fruit preserve for cheeses is cooked with wild blueberry and ginger. It pairs perfectly with fresh, dry or ripened goat cheeses. The fruit of the mountains mixed with the oriental flavor of ginger pair the goat cheeses with discretion and finesse.


This recipe of fruit preserve for cheeses follow the Pyrenean tradition of associating the natural sweetness of black cherries with the strong flavors of sheep cheeses. The flavors of this fruit preparation for cheeses come in three times: first open the black cherry, then the sweetness of the black chocolate, and finally the Espelette pepper that slightly heats the taste buds but serves essentially as flavor enhancer. Successfully pairing with Reblochon, Munster cheeses where the pepper and chocolate bring a harmonious.

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A prestigious handmade jelly to illuminate an unforgettable and magical moment!
A fabulous inspiration of one of our Master Jam Makers, between creativity and exclusivity!
Accompanying a foie gras or with smoked salmon, also ideal for thickening or deglazing a sauce, this jelly is a true invitation to refinement!
To be served well chilled.
The Champagne Jelly with Gold Flakes is the first product of this new collection.

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