A quality raw material

Dried fruit, cane sugar, icing sugar, almonds, Gianduja praline… Each ingredient in our confectionery is carefully selected for its quality, taste, colour, texture and flavour.


Coucougnettes, Galipettes, Tétons, Prunes, Bijoux de la Reine are rolled by hand. Each of these confectioneries requires particular expertise specific to its material and texture.

A range of gourmet products, authentic, mischievous… and above all award-winning!

Francis Miot is the most successful confectioner-jam maker in France. The House, with its products, has more than 18 awards with titles as prestigious as “Best sweet of France” for the Coucougnette, which has since become a regional specialty of France, or “Best chocolate of France” for the Galipette.

Culture and greed!

Behind each confectionery is a story! Told by Francis Miot himself, some anecdotes specific to these confectioneries are a true nod to the history of France, especially that of King Henri IV, recalling our Béarnaise attachment.

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Cette barette de pâte de fruits aux multiples parfums est pleine d'énergie. Elle sera de ce fait votre compagnon pendant vos efforts. Elle saura vous régénérer (vous booster !) avec un goût fruité prononcé et très peu de sucre.
A vos performances, prêt, partez !

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