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A range of fruity sweets worked with passion revealing the gourmet aromas of fruits! 
Francis Miot, artisan confectioner offers a fruity gourmet selection to be enjoyed at any time of the day.
Fruit cubes, Bijoux de la Reine, Perles de Vignes, Orangettes… Succumb to these delicacies worked with great thoroughness and passion by our master confectioner craftsmen. They alone hold the secret of knowing how to majesty the flavors of the fruit while using clothing of their expert hands to make exceptional fruity confectionery.

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Recipe: Raisins macerated in Sauternes or Jurançon wine coated with 70% dark chocolate.
Treasures of harmony between fruit, wine and chocolate, these precious delicacies deserve their name "Vine Pearls". In a beautiful golden color, these raisins are a pure wonder!
Renowned for their energetic value, history has it that Hannibal's army could cross the Alps by eating raisins every day. But it is truly once macerated in wine and then coated with dark chocolate that they become unique.
Easy to consume, these vine pearls are a ‘must’ in the world of confectionery.
They stem from our region inthe Jurançon terroir, in the South-West of France


Recipe: Fruits cooked in copper bowls, dried, cut into cubes on a guitar and cane sugar candied.
These cubes of fruit are a gourmet variation of the traditional French “Pates de Fruit”.
Produced with fruits rigorously selected for their flavors, they are a result of our unique know-how and the quality of the products. These delicacies with translucent colors are a pure delight to the eye and the palate. Not very sweet when cooked, our cubes are candied with cane sugar to preserve all their flavors and bring sweetness and subtlety to the good taste of acidulous fruits. They are available in several flavors: apricot, pear, peach, pineapple, apple, kiwi, black cherry, berries, strawberry, raspberry or blackcurrant.
Our commitment is based on preserving the taste of the fruit. The well balanced sugar dose plays a natural role of preservative.

Cette barette de pâte de fruits aux multiples parfums est pleine d'énergie. Elle sera de ce fait votre compagnon pendant vos efforts. Elle saura vous régénérer (vous booster !) avec un goût fruité prononcé et très peu de sucre.
A vos performances, prêt, partez !
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