Our demand for taste and beautiful products has naturally led us to select several beekeepers partners to offer you natural honeys, artisanal, pure and incomparable aromas.
From the sweetness of the honey of acacia to the power of forest honey, great lovers of honeys or simple curious will surely find their happiness in our selection.
In addition to the fragrant taste and delicate texture offered by honey, it has many virtues: anti-oxidant, antiseptic, rich in calcium and trace elements, sudorific…
For almost 30 years we have been working with beekeepers in Béarn to offer you a selection of 100% french honeys to find in our shops.

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Honey of great sweetness with greedy notes and incomparable fluidity. Very clear, it is less fragrant than other honeys, which makes it very popular both with young and grown-ups. It pairs perfectly with desserts, natural yogurts and cheeses.

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It is on the virgin territories of Portugal that the bees create this unctuous honey, with floral and vegetal notes. This exceptional flowers honey is certified organic. Delicious on a sandwich, it can also sweeten your teas and infusions.


The dark color of this honey harvested at the edge of the forest announces a powerful taste, combining the taste of flowers and the essence of trees. Bramble, heather, ivy, conifers, oaks, lime trees are all possible sources to develop its rich and intense flavor. Enjoy!


Our lavender honey is selected for its elegance and refined fragrance. Rather fluid for a lavender honey, its flavor with floral notes remains delicate.


This orange honey is harvested mainly in the region of Seville where we find the most beautiful orchards of orange and bitter orange from Spain. With notes that are both floral and fruity, this honey has an exceptional taste. Rather fluid, it will pair with your fruit desserts and compotes.


Rosemary honey is a refined honey, the rosemary note remaining delicate. It will pair perfectly with lamb meat. Also great on your toasts or sesame bread.


Delicious honey known for its unique flavor and aromas revealing a powerful bouquet and a pearly robe. Cold extracted, never heated and unfiltered, it contains more pollen and beeswax. Thus, it offers a pronounced natural taste.
The thyme honey is also known for its beneficial properties during cold snaps.