The History

Once upon a time... a colourful founder !

Born in Pau in 1948, Francis Miot has become the most famous jam maker in France, not only because of the number of titles and awards he has won, but also because of his enthusiasm and of course for his famous moustache !

A significant figure from the South-West, nicknamed "the Pope of Jam", he left his mark and his essence at the heart of the company that bears his name and which continues to have the same values of authenticity, creativity and expertise today.

A grandmother's love...

His maternal grandmother gave him a taste for jam.
The apprenticeship began when he was very young by dipping his fingers into her baking bowl

Never far from her side, Francis wandered the local markets selling delicious homemade blueberry tarts.
He discovered millions of flavours, colours and aromas here  which were a constant source of inspiration for his future career.

When he grew up, he explored other avenues and had other jobs.

However, he finally returned to his first passion
His love for flavours took him back to his childhood memories and led him in 1985 to launch regional pastries and homemade jams, under the name of "La Galette aux Myrtilles".
It was at this time that he had found the knack of precooking the blueberries so that they could be preserved, a bit like a jam.
His customers were lured in by this unique flavour and asked him to sell jams.

This is how Francis began to create blueberry jam, then strawberry jam and so on and so forth, and the Maison Francis Miot was born.

A growing success...

From the first jar of jam, the small business grew until it took on a national dimension with the prize for Best Jam Maker in France obtained at the Gesvres International Festival in 1987.

Francis Miot had developed a very special talent and expertise in the preparation of jams.
He exceled in the art of choosing good, tasty fruit while ensuring a very short cooking time to preserve all the flavours of the fruit.

Rewarded many times for his art, the title of Triple World Champion enrolled Francis as an incomparable jam maker.

A confectioner by trade and passionate about the « Arts of taste and flavours », he diversified his products, he surrounded himself with a team of chocolate makers and thus created the artisanal confectionery named "Féerie Gourmande".
Trained in the purest French tradition, at the Lenôtre school, Francis was keen to pass on to his team the respect for French cuisine and the quest for excellence and taste.. In 1998, he and SG Sender (Gaston Lenôtre's "Monsieur Pâtissier") launched the famous Coucougnettes du Vert Galant.
They were so successful that a range of confectionery and chocolates with a wicked sense of humour were born !

An insatiable creator, Francis also passed on to his team the  desire to innovate recipes for both the jams and the confectionary.

Francis Miot

Francis Miot, some awards

President of France Master Jam Makers.

1987 : Best Jam Maker of France

1988 – 1990 – 1991 : Jam World champion
- ranked out of competition -

2010 : Vase de Sèvres of the French Republic President and Senate Awards