Loyalty program

The online shop of Maison Francis Miot offers you a loyalty program that will allow you to benefit from exclusive discounts.
We invite you to take a look at how this program works with the details below.

Our loyalty program allows you to obtain the equivalent of €1 discount, every €25 including all taxes.
Products in promotions are not taken into account.

These awards are valid for 12 months (365 days to be precise), if not used. Shipping costs and promotional products are not included in this calculation.

These points will be added to your account once your order has reached the “Accepted Payment” status. If you cancel an order, the associated winnings will be lost.

You can convert your loyalty points pool into a discount voucher whenever you want.

This voucher will then be usable directly on our site, from 30€ TTC of purchases.


The online shop of Maison Francis Miot offers you to sponsor your loved ones to order on our site, while saving money.

The sponsorship program of Maison Francis Miot allows the godfather to benefit from a voucher of 5€ as soon as one of his godchildren places an order.
For the sponsor to use the purchase order, the order of the sponsored party must be at least €30, excluding shipping costs, excluding promotional products. 

As for the sponsored parties, they receive 10% discount on their first order, from 30€ TTC of purchases, excluding shipping costs, excluding promotional products.

Upon receipt of the promotional code, the discount will be valid for 180 days.