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A delicate jelly with a subtle, intoxicating rose flavor.
Made from rose petals, this jelly flawlessly captures the subtle fragrances of this exceptional flower. The roses are picked in the early hours of the morning and the fragile petals are hand-plucked, which are then worked on without delay. Its color and flavor are one of a kind for a refined afternoon tea.

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It is on the virgin territories of Portugal that the bees create this unctuous honey, with floral and vegetal notes. This exceptional flowers honey is certified organic. Delicious on a sandwich, it can also sweeten your teas and infusions.

Un coffret spécialement conçu pour partager un moment convivial sous le signe de la gourmandise ! Découvrez notre nouvelle gamme de tartinables salés autour d'un apéritif entre amis. Nos coucougnettes apporteront la touche sucrée en fin de dégustation pour finir sur une note gourmande.
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Recipe: Raisins macerated in Sauternes or Jurançon wine coated with 70% dark chocolate.
Treasures of harmony between fruit, wine and chocolate, these precious delicacies deserve their name "Vine Pearls". In a beautiful golden color, these raisins are a pure wonder!
Renowned for their energetic value, history has it that Hannibal's army could cross the Alps by eating raisins every day. But it is truly once macerated in wine and then coated with dark chocolate that they become unique.
Easy to consume, these vine pearls are a ‘must’ in the world of confectionery.
They stem from our region inthe Jurançon terroir, in the South-West of France

Le Show'colat est un mélange de chocolats noir, lait et blanc à la casse, 100% pur beurre de cacao.
Ces plaques de chocolat noir 70%, chocolat au lait et chocolat blanc sont ornées de fruits confits (raisin, orange, citron, airelles) et fruits secs (amandes, noisettes, pignons, pistaches...) puis cassées avant d'être soigneusement emballées par nos Maîtres Chocolatiers.
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir nos show'colat artisanaux.
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The dark color of this honey harvested at the edge of the forest announces a powerful taste, combining the taste of flowers and the essence of trees. Bramble, heather, ivy, conifers, oaks, lime trees are all possible sources to develop its rich and intense flavor. Enjoy!


A cane sugar preserve recipe that undeniably honors the Land of the Risng Sun! A beautiful, sunny marriage that delicately combines the freshness of orange and the sourness of yuzu, a precious citrus grown in the province of Kochi in Japan, and subtly blends the characteristic notes of grapefruit and green mandarin.
A unique combination, the taste lingers delightfully and leaves a touch of refinement. If you love citrus, this is a must!

La Maison Miot vous propose une malle en bois gourmande (20x14x9) avec ça séléction de plaisirs sucrés variés pour vous accompagner tout au long de la journée.
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Our lavender honey is selected for its elegance and refined fragrance. Rather fluid for a lavender honey, its flavor with floral notes remains delicate.


The latest of our "Les Fleuries" collection, this cane sugar preserve brings freshness and delicacy. Very feminine, this peach recipe stands out with its subtle notes of rose at the end. These authentic tastes and flavors that are brought out by slowly cooking our ingredients, as is tradition. Experience this irresistible, fruity creation!


Title: Blue Ribbon – Best Chocolate of France – 49th Salon Intersuc in 2004
Recipe: Almond pralines covered in 72% cocoa dark chocolate, enveloped in dentelle crepe.
When Francis Miot created this unique chocolate confection, he was surprised to see how the chocolate praline delicately rolled in a bed of dentelle crêpe. Coming out, the finished product is a beautifully round ball, perfectly dressed in a crispy, flaky coat. Thus, the “Galipette” is born. French for “somersault,” the Galipette loves to bound in fine biscuit, coming out tousled.


Title: Blue Ribbon – Best Specialty of France –51th Salon Intersuc in 2006
Recipe: White chocolate paste rolled by hand, filled with prunes and raisins, coated with dark chocolate then flavored with Armagnac.
Grafted in 1507, the plum of Damascus (Syria) becomes the plum d'ente which, dried, becomes the prune that Agen city in France has made its specialty. Their name "Plums of Monsieur" comes from the brother of Louis XIV, the Duke of Orleans, who was called "Monsieur". He was fond of prunes d'ente (plum with which we make prunes) to the point of catching indigestion. These are the plums of Monsieur: so good, they are tasted endlessly!
This confectionery with a soft and supple texture reveals the aromas of the South-West of France. It surprises and delights gourmets fond of the flavors of Gascony. This specialty of character will perfectly end a meal.