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Traditional jams and fruit preparations with cane sugar of the Maison Francis Miot. Combining tradition and innovation, our Masters jam makers offer you authentic and gourmet recipes.
From jams to the House’s classic fragrances, the quality of the fruit carefully selected to jams, revealing bold recipes that have made the House famous. Discover our entire range, on sale online, combining the perfect balance of the fruits and aromatics that compose them.

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Take a break in the tropics with this fruit preparation recipe containing a blend of cane sugar and banana, Bourbon vanilla and Caribbean rum. A subtle blend of flavors to spread generously on toast or crepes, and for the biggest gourmands, to savor by the spoonful! For dessert or breakfast, this fruit preparation made with the finest cane sugar is a true ode to the exotic. To taste is to like!


An extraordinary blend of dates, coffee, and cardamom in this fruit preparation with cane sugar will delight your taste buds for an exotic adventure of taste! Cardamom, a favorite spice of the Middle East, has a unique aroma that perfectly harmonizes with earthy notes of coffee and the candy-like sweetness of date.

Une délicate gelée au parfum subtil et enivrant de rose.
Élaboré à partir de pétales de rose, cette gelée restitue à merveille les parfums subtils de cette fleur d'exception. Les roses sont cueillies, au petit matin et les pétales, très fragiles, sont détachés à la main et travaillés sans attendre. Sa couleur et son parfum sont inimitables pour un afternoon tea placé sous le signe du raffinement et de la gourmandise.
Laissez-vous séduire avec notre gelée de Rose artisanale, au sucre de canne, aux saveurs fraîches et fleuries.
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette Gelée artisanale de Rose disponible en pot de 100g.

A cane sugar preserve recipe that undeniably honors the Land of the Risng Sun! A beautiful, sunny marriage that delicately combines the freshness of orange and the sourness of yuzu, a precious citrus grown in the province of Kochi in Japan, and subtly blends the characteristic notes of grapefruit and green mandarin.
A unique combination, the taste lingers delightfully and leaves a touch of refinement. If you love citrus, this is a must!


The latest of our "Les Fleuries" collection, this cane sugar preserve brings freshness and delicacy. Very feminine, this peach recipe stands out with its subtle notes of rose at the end. These authentic tastes and flavors that are brought out by slowly cooking our ingredients, as is tradition. Experience this irresistible, fruity creation!

Meilleure spécialité de France Salon Intersuc Paris 1995.
Mélange de fruits acidulés (myrtilles, framboises sauvages, mûre et miel) conditionné dans un adorable pot en forme d'ourson. En conditionnant cette confiture ultra gourmande, Francis Miot a voulu rendre hommage au petit ourson trouvé abandonné dans les Pyrénées et baptisé "Jojo" (symbole de l'emblème de la Vallée Verte).
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale Délice des Oursons au sucre de canne, disponible en pot de 330g.
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Discover our fine craftsmanship by trying our preserve of 3 golden fruits. With a taste so divine, it is the two-time winning Meilleur Confiturier de France and Triple Champion du Monde (and has been classified Out of Contest since). A blend of delicious citrus and a balance of orange, lemon, and grapefruit, it offers an original flavor and fragrance!

Cette préparation de fruits au sucre de canne a reçu la médaille d'OR du Concours Général Agricole 2015, au Salon de l'Agriculture.
Cette recette est un mélange parfaitement équilibré de trois fruits rouges : fraises, framboises et griottes. Travaillés entiers, ces fruits se mélangent subtilement afin de dévoiler les saveurs fraiches et acidulées de nos jardins et forêts.
Notre boutique de vente en ligne a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir cette confiture artisanale Trois Fruits Rouges au sucre de canne disponible en pot de 340g.
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Gold Medal at the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris in 2013 Faithful to its desire to always reveal the fruit’s natural purity, Maison Francis Miot makes every effort to use the best varieties of apricots known for their excellent quality of taste. Delicately flavored, this apricot preserve represents a great classic to simply enjoy on toast, as well as topping a cake, or even complementing some panna cotta.


Transport yourself to the heart of Provence with this fruit preparation of Red Apricot from Roussillon, known for its mouthwatering deliciousness. This sun-kissed apricot reveals an incomparable taste and sweetness with a hint of tartness. This recipe, crafted while respecting the traditional expertise of the Maison, can be enjoyed on both fresh and toasted bread during breakfast, as well as incorporated into your favorite cake recipe.

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A divine fruit preserve combining the sweetness of coconut and the tangy taste of passion fruit! Lovers of exoticism, this creation will seduce you for sure! An exquisite pairing of flavors to spread on bread or pancakes, and for the most gourmet of you, to enjoy with a spoon! For dessert or at breakfast, this preparation of fruits with exceptional cane sugar is a real invitation in the tropics. Enjoy and ... travel!/p>


The origin of this evocative name can be found when tasting this preserve, which is filled with sweetness and tenderness. A happy blend of peach and clementine juice, it is a favorite amongst children. An adorable preserve to give to friends, children, grandparents, and lovers… for breakfast or a snack full of hugs. Cordon Bleu du Meilleur Dessert at the 47th Salon de la Confiserie in Paris in 2002.


Lovers of tartness, this preserve made of cassis, also called the Devil’s fruit, proves to be a true explosion in the mouth! Its flavor is easily recognizable with such a generous texture, that spreading it on morning toast recalls the mouthwatering and authentic recipes of Grandma’s jams.


This delicious cane sugar preparation made with black cherry is a staple specialty of the Southwest. It received the Ruban Bleu de la Meilleure Confiture Intersuc in Paris. The true star of the Basque Country, this fruit preparation made in the most traditional fashion of the Maison will delight all gourmand ! It is customary to complement this preserve with sheep’s milk cheese or a Basque cake, but it is equally appreciated on your breakfast toast. Médaille d’Argent at the Concours Général Agricole in 2018


Sun-kissed lemons for delectable and traditional fruit preparations from Maison Francis Miot. This delicious recipe captures the perfect balance between the bright, citrus bursts of lemon and the sweet delicacy of cane sugar. You can spread it over your toast or rusk, as well as incorporate it into your salty dishes, such as a condiment or chutney, to bring a sweet and salty touch.