Inspired by the culinary traditions of India and Great Britain, the chutneys, sweet-savory condiments, spicy and vinegar are with a lot of originality traditional or exotic dishes. Accompanied by a Chef, our Master jam makers have developed very daring chutney recipes, with a characteristic “French touch”. These recipes are assemblies designed for perfect pairings. Take a sensory journey by discovering this new «Collection», for a safari of renewal and modernity in your plates. Even if the use of the different chutneys only limits the imagination of the one who cooks, discover our recipes and our choices of accompaniment.

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Fig, white onion and hazelnut structure this exceptional chutney with tangy taste.
It pairs with roasted duck magret, fish, white meat, foie gras and cheese.
For the fans of the traditional cuisine, associate this chutney to stuffing poultry dishes or roasted white meat to create a beautiful tasting surprise…


By working with the best varieties of Mango in the world, our Master Jam Makers wanted to conserve their taste and softness. The delicate association with the Espelette pepper and the star anise bring to this recipe a refined exotic touch.
Exciting with a tandoori chicken and perfumed rice, delicious on a naan bread for aperitif, the mango chutney also pairs with the poached white fish, roast chicken, and spices wonderfully the occidental dishes like duck magret and foie gras.


This pepper chutney is an ode to both the Mediterranean cuisine and Basque cuisine. Its aromatic notes enhanced by the Espelette Pepper create a harmonious and sunny assembly.
Serve the Pepper Chutney on small toasted bread. Use it to deglaze a pan to make a sauce that will pair with prawns, fish, shell St Jacques or in marinade for white meat for perfumed grills.

Un coffret avec nos 3 chutneys qui accompagneront à merveille foies gras, sauces, fromages et autres mets pour des associations sucrées-salées, au format 100g
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