Recognised know-how

Francis and his expertise are the foundations of the company.

Passing on the torch of a traditional craft to new members of the team allows our expertise to continue.
Therefore it is with a strong heritage and respect for tradition that Maison Francis Miot is constantly reflecting on new combinations in order to create original and exciting recipes.

Exceptional recipes and constant innovation are, the driving forces behind Maison Francis Miot.

In a perpetual quest for quality, Maison Francis Miot relied on a very high level of requirements, particularly in the respect of processes, the mastery of work tools and the perpetual search for innovation. In 2017, the Company was awarded the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) thus joining the very privileged circle of 1,500 companies recognized for their excellence of manufacturing and their supreme expertise. 3000Ambassador of the excellence of the « Made in France », the EPV label is issued by the State after a rigorous instruction. This label, of which we are very proud, rewards the French craftsmanship excellence of our House.


Francis Miot passed on his unconditional love for high quality delicacies. He passed on his know-how to a team that has become the Best Jam Makers in France in 2013 and World Vice-Champion in 2017.

Worthy raw materials

A good jam is above all the quality of the fruit.
Only the best varieties are selected for their exceptional taste qualities! Orange Navelate, Roussillon apricot, Tragana black cherry, Senga Sengana strawberry, wild blueberry...
The fruit are then picked when they are fully ripe so as to get the full taste of the fruit.
Our jams are made with fruit that is in the main from the region.
The Company holds great importance in the quality of the fruit and the methods used to make its jams. No colourings or preservatives are added to the fruit, which are meticulously. Our company sends its "team of buyers" all over France in search of excellence. They select fruit for our company that meets the highest standards from each new harvest.

The ancestral gestures

The cooking of our fruit is carried out in small copper cauldrons by our Master Jam makers
During the cooking process, the fruits are gently stirred with a beech wood spatula. The pasteurisation process is based on the passed down methods of our grandmothers by turning the pots upside down.

Our secret : our fruit preparations

The short and controlled cooking in small cauldrons allows us to preserve the full flavour of the fruit, which have been rigorously chosen for their exceptional taste.

This process greatly reduces the sugar content of our jams: therefore they cannot be called «jams» really but rather «fruit preparations ».

Indeed, the regulation requires a minimum Brix rate of 55%. The Brix scale is used to measure “in Brix degrees” the fraction of sugar in a product, i.e., the percentage of soluble dry matter.

In conclusion, the higher the degree of Brix, the more the product will prove to be sweet.

Production de confitures


An exceptional chocolate is above all an uncompromising selection of the best beans and origins in the world..

3 cacaoyers produce exceptional beans including Criollo which represents the rarest and most sought after cocoa variety and with which we work regularly.

Our chocolates are produced with carefully selected wines from all over the world. Venezuela, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Madagascar are as many origins as our Master Chocolatiers love. But it is mainly Sao Tome origin chocolate that our teams work with.

The Masters Chocolate Makers of the Maison Francis Miot

Trained in the purest tradition of the Master Chocolate Makers of France, our two Chefs supervise a team of enthusiasts who realize a thousand chocolate wonders.
Fine chocolates and search for the best blends punctuate their daily life. All our chocolates are 100% pure cocoa butter, a must for Master Craftsmen-Chocolate Makers!

The thoroughness of the work

Rigour and customisation accompany our passion for chocolate.
so each one of our creations are shaped individually by hand, according to their own specifications. At the heart of our company, we do not compromise with the quality of Haute Gourmandise Française!

Our commitment to chocolate solidarity

Grands crus from Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and São Tomé represents the main source of our products.

In 2007, we invested with 6 French Master Chocolate Makers in decanting tanks and dryers to bring back to life the cocoa fields at the request of the Consul of São Tomé and Príncipe (known as the Chocolate Island, located in the Gulf of Guinea).
Indeed, after the departure of the Portuguese settlers in 1975 and the redistribution of the land, production had fallen from 45,000 tonnes per year to 4,500 tonnes.
Maison Francis Miot therefore participated in the cultivation of 150 hectares of cocoa trees by setting up a form of solidarity trade (an aid to an underprivileged population, aiming to reduce inequalities within the country itself).


The Sweets

Our artisan sweets have been the success of our Maison for nearly 20 years.
From the famous Coucougnettes of Pau to fruit cubes derived from our know-how of Maître Confituriers, our artisanal confectioneries are all handcrafted from quality ingredients, offering you incomparable treats.

A quality raw material

Dried fruits, cane sugar, icing sugar, almonds, Gianduja praline... Each ingredient in our confectionery is consistently selected for its quality, taste, colour, texture and flavour.

A range of gourmet products,
authentic, mischievous… and especially award-winning !

Francis Miot is the most successful confectioner-jam maker in France.
The House, with its products, has more than 18 awards with titles as prestigious as « Best Sweet in France » for the Coucougnette, which has since become a regional specialty of France, or « Best Chocolate in France » for the Galipette.

Handcrafted work

Coucougnettes, Galipettes, Tétons, Prunes and Bijoux de la Reine are all individually rolled by hand. Each of these sweets requires a particular expertise specific to its material and texture.

Culture and delicacy !

Behind each sweet or chocolate there is a story to be told !
Certain anecdotes specific to these confectionery products are a reference to the History of France, in particular to King Henri IV, reminding us of our bond to the Béarn region and where we come from.

Production coucougnettes