The Maison Francis Miot offers a wide range of handmade products developed by us, in the South-West of France to subtly accompany your dishes.
Succumb to our delicious chutneys, our specific jams accompanying cheeses and foie gras.

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This recipe of fruit preserve for cheeses follow the Pyrenean tradition of associating the natural sweetness of black cherries with the strong flavors of sheep cheeses. The flavors of this fruit preparation for cheeses come in three times: first open the black cherry, then the sweetness of the black chocolate, and finally the Espelette pepper that slightly heats the taste buds but serves essentially as flavor enhancer. Successfully pairing with Reblochon, Munster cheeses where the pepper and chocolate bring a harmonious.

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Fig, white onion and hazelnut structure this exceptional chutney with tangy taste.
It pairs with roasted duck magret, fish, white meat, foie gras and cheese.
For the fans of the traditional cuisine, associate this chutney to stuffing poultry dishes or roasted white meat to create a beautiful tasting surprise…


By working with the best varieties of Mango in the world, our Master Jam Makers wanted to conserve their taste and softness. The delicate association with the Espelette pepper and the star anise bring to this recipe a refined exotic touch.
Exciting with a tandoori chicken and perfumed rice, delicious on a naan bread for aperitif, the mango chutney also pairs with the poached white fish, roast chicken, and spices wonderfully the occidental dishes like duck magret and foie gras.

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This pepper chutney is an ode to both the Mediterranean cuisine and Basque cuisine. Its aromatic notes enhanced by the Espelette Pepper create a harmonious and sunny assembly.
Serve the Pepper Chutney on small toasted bread. Use it to deglaze a pan to make a sauce that will pair with prawns, fish, shell St Jacques or in marinade for white meat for perfumed grills.

Un coffret avec nos 3 chutneys qui accompagneront à merveille foies gras, sauces, fromages et autres mets pour des associations sucrées-salées, au format 100g
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A prestigious handmade jelly to illuminate an unforgettable and magical moment!
A fabulous inspiration of one of our Master Jam Makers, between creativity and exclusivity!
Accompanying a foie gras or with smoked salmon, also ideal for thickening or deglazing a sauce, this jelly is a true invitation to refinement!
To be served well chilled.
The Champagne Jelly with Gold Flakes is the first product of this new collection.

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Souvenir de la Catalogne, cette spécialité célèbre, composée de pain, d'ail et de tomates accompagne à merveille un jambon ibérique. Associée à un très bon vin, voilà un réel instant de bonheur entre amis. Convivialité assurée.
Craquez pour notre nouvel assortiment de tartinables savoureux aux goûts variés dans leur petit coffret distingué (24x7). Chorizo, carotte-coco, poichichade... quel sera votre favori ?
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This fruit preserve for cheeses is cooked with wild blueberry and ginger. It pairs perfectly with fresh, dry or ripened goat cheeses. The fruit of the mountains mixed with the oriental flavor of ginger pair the goat cheeses with discretion and finesse.


"The carrot is the vegetable with 7 virtues and benefits" (skin, figure, liver, bones, sun, against certain illnesses, eyesight...) and is important when growing up, we all remember, "Eat your carrots so you can see in the dark". Combined with coconut, this surprising and subtle mix will surprise your taste buds.

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The artichoke is the French richest vegetable in "chlorogenic acid". It is an excellent ally for staying slim, it reduces the absorption of carbohydrates. What could be more balanced than sweet artichoke on a cracker with a glass of wine.


As an accompaniment to meat, foie gras, cheese... this artisanal relish is just perfect. The onions have been selected for their quality and are then gentle cooked to preserve the flavours.