Original chocolates

For the sake of authenticity and quality, we rigorously select the great wines of origin in the plantations of the countries of Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean and South America until the bottom of the Venezuelan Amazon.
The diversity of the terroirs offers multiple flavors, all more gourmet than each other.
Smoky notes, floral nuances, acidity, intense bitterness or citrus tips, here is a variation of exquisite flavors with intense taste reflecting the House’s requirement.

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Delightful version of the traditional Gourmet dry stuffed sausage made with chocolate, prunes, grapes and Armagnac, coated with icing sugar.
Each component symbolizes meat, fat and skin. The attention to detail in the packaging makes this chocolate a perfect imitation of the real thing.
It generously invites himself in moments of conviviality around a glass of wine and provokes both curiosity and tasty pleasure.
A nice hint to our territory both by its Gascon flavors (prunes, grapes, Armagnac), and its design


Show'colat is a blend of dark, milk and white chocolate, 100% pure cocoa butter.
These bars of 70% dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate are decorated with candied fruits (grapes, orange, lemon, cranberries) and dried fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, pistachios ...), then broken before being carefully packed by our Master Chocolate Makers..