100% fruits

Discover our new artisan collection: "The 100% from the fruits": all the fruit, just the fruit! Prepared only with quality fruit and fruit juice extract, exalting the natural and original taste of the fruit, the fruit preparations of these jams offer incredible flavors and will delight the most demanding gourmets.
Their compositions have been carefully studied to offer you an optimized glycemic index compared to a classic jam allowing you to combine pleasure and shape.
The recipes of this collection are worked identically to our other ranges. They are guaranteed free from preservatives, artificial colourings and addition of flavours.

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A specialty 100% issued from fruits with apricot, less sweet but exceptionally gourmet! The apricot preserve 100% issued from fruits, it's all the fruit, and nothing but the fruit! This preparation is made with exceptional apricots and fruit juice extract that exalts the natural and original taste of fruits. Our 100% issued from fruit recipes are well-balanced and less sweet than the traditional jams. No addition of aromas, additives, coloring or preservatives: greedy in its pure state! You will appreciate them on sandwiches, with yogurt, ice cream and pastries.